Provide the solution to whom like to get an instant and excellent stopping power,
nice precision braking feel, and silent option.


Ceramic Compound

Contain quality Ceramic material、KEVLAR®( DuPont™) and copper fiber to increase the high heat resistance and the effect of heat dissipation.

Silent with High instant stopping power

Good modulation、Silent、Comfortable braking and Easy to install.


Special development for MTBs.
Recommend for Mountain roads、downhill、XC-Cross country and people looking for comfort braking with excellent performance.


Premium E+ – Gold

E-bike brake pads are a perfect upgrade for your electric bike.
They are made of a high-performance ceramic compound that increases your
stopping ability and extends the life of your brake pads.
Ceramic E-bike brake pads are the best choice for an electric bike that needs to stop quickly and often.


E-BIKE Compound

Special formulation for E-Bike、E-MTB user. Contain KEVLAR®( DuPont™)quality Ceramic and Copper material.

Endurance and Consistent Brake power

Long lasting lifespan. Heat resistance formulation to withstand high temperature and fading-resistance.


Special development for E-Bike、E-MTB. Recommend for downhill、
XC-Cross country、and people looking for long lifespan product.