1. Disconnect battery.
  2. Remove the plastic belt cover located on the left side of the motor.
  3. Loosen motor shaft belt pulley nut this is best to do if you have an impact gun to quickly spin the nut loose, if doing by hand tools it will be helpful to have assistant stabilize bike by sitting on the bike and holding the brakes to help keep the motor from spinning.
  4. Place Sur Ron on a bike stand to elevate rear wheel and to gain better access to left side. 
  5. Remove the rear wheel. 
  6. Remove rear cable guide 
  7. Place rear brake assembly on seat (may be helpful to first place a clean shop towel on seat) 
  8. Loosen both (2) motor adjustment bolts. 
  9. Remove center suspension linkage nut and bolt that connects linkage to swing arm 
  10. Remove motor shaft pulley nut and shaft key way 
  11. Loosen swing arm pivot bolt and nut 
  12. Separate jack shaft from swing arm and place swing arm aside 
  13. Remove motor shaft pulley and remove jack shaft.
  14. Remove both spacers from jack shaft to ensure they won’t be lost 
  15. Remove the six bolts to remove large pulley from Jack shaft 
  16. From the Warp 9 kit install (spacer first if needed for proper chain alignment then…) large chain sprocket using original bolts with blue tread locker and torque to 8 ftlbs 
  17. Place motor shaft pin on shaft (may be helpful to add grease to keep it in place) 
  18. From the Warp 9 kit install the small motor shaft sprocket and tight shaft nut finger tight (proper torque will be applied towards the end) 
  19. Place both spacers back into the jack shaft and place jack shaft between swing arm and place swing arm assembly back into the bike ( don’t worry they are the same so you can mix them up)
  20. May be helpful to have assistant install the chain while swing arm is pressed more forward into the bike (if pivot bolt is installed first, it might be difficult to install the chain) 
  21. Install swing arm pivot bolt and nut and torque to (???) 
  22. Install center linkage bolt and nut.
  23. Place rear brake assembly and reinstall wheel 
  24. Install rear brake cable guide.
  25. Adjust engine placement by using the cam on the left side of bike for proper chain tension and tighten both (2) adjustment bolts
  26. Remove bike from stand and have assistant stabilize the bike by again sitting on seat and holding the brakes 
  27. apply blue thread lock the motor nut and hand tighten ( install nut by hand, do not use impact gun to install nut)
  28. Reinstall motor cover 

Note: Periodic cleaning of the chain and lubing with a high quality chain lube is recommended.