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Electric Drift Trike

72V Electric Drift Trike (Black) (38mph) – High Speed, Eco-Friendly, Long Range Electric Motorized Drift Trike

72V Electric Drift Trike (Black) (38mph) – High Speed, Eco-Friendly, Long Range Electric Motorized Drift Trike

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Medium color flat black

Large color Flat gray

Get ready for the ride of your life! The 72V electric drift trike comes equipped with a powerful 3000W motor and a reliable 60A controller. With pneumatic rear tires and a PVC sleeve, you can drift, skid, and slide your way to speeds of up to 40 MPH!

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The 72V electric drift trike is a high-powered and high-performance ride perfect for those who seek a thrilling and unique experience. Equipped with a 25AH battery and a 3000W motor, the trike can reach speeds of up to 40mph, allowing you to experience both speed and power. The steady and reliable build of the trike is made from steel to ensure a safe and durable ride. The wide tires allow for maximum traction and stability, allowing you to drift with ease. The comfortable saddle, adjustable seat, and ergonomic handlebars make this trike an enjoyable ride – even over long distances. The LCD display shows all the vital information like speed, battery level, and more, giving you the chance to customize your ride and stay informed. Not only is it fun, it’s also eco-friendly, featuring a clean and efficient “start & go” mechanism that will help you save electricity and money. Whether you’re looking for a unique experience or just a fun way to get around, the 72V electric drift trike is the perfect choice.


**LEAD TIME currently 3-4 weeks **

Get your custom RTD Electric Drift Trike on the production schedule today!


Lead Time: 3-4 weeks A lot of work goes into these!

– 3000W Hub motor

– 60A speed controller

– 72V 25AH Lithium Battery 20S8P 3300mah EVE cells

– battery box (with charger)

– Moped air tire for max grip and longevity

– PVC sleeves and tires including spacers to set rear wheel spacing.

– twist throttle grip


Based on a 6’2″ 202 lb. rider

Speed 36+ mph 72V

Ride time 130-190+ Mins(depending on constant use of throttle and drifting normal cruse of 20 miles 60% battery remaining)

The buyer and rider of the Electric Drift Trike are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of electric vehicles and scooters.


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