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BAC8000 Power Kit for RFN Rally / Beta Explorer

BAC8000 Power Kit for RFN Rally / Beta Explorer

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BAC8000 PowerKit for RFN Rally / Beta Explorer

Are you wanting to get a little more power out of your stock RFN/Beta battery? Would you prefer 18 modes of power, instead of 3? Are you ready to get rid of those annoying brake sensors once and for all? Do you want to go fast for more than 9 seconds? Our power kit can do that, plus a whole lot more.


  • Customize your power and torque, through 18 modes, all with your phone. 9 modes in Eco and 9 modes in Sport.
  • Works with stock battery up to 10kw, down to 30% SOC. Power decreases below 30%
  • Allows up to 16kw continuous, and 30kw peak with our aftermarket battery found HERE
  • Control your regen amount in both Eco and Sport
  • Maintain reverse mode found on stock bike


The kit includes:

  • BAC8000 with our custom tune
  • Billet mount
  • Plug and Play harness
  • Egg Rider V2 Display
  • Phase wire extension
  • Reverse Button

Optional Accessories:

NTC Billet Case For EggRider V2 Display - Black.
NTC Billet Case For EggRider V2 Display - Varous Colors.


Connecting batteries without a discharge side BMS and proper pre-charge circuit  are known for blowing capacitors in the controller per: a technical bulletin. Failure to properly protect the controller as outlined in the technical bulletin WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. Batteries currently known to lack these features include CHI battery. It's the end users responsibility to determine whether the battery being used has these protections.
Pre Charge Resistor Here

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