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BAC8000 Power Kit for SurRon / Segway

BAC8000 Power Kit for SurRon / Segway

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MotoClops has developed an all inclusive power kit with some of the best components for installing BAC controllers. The all-inclusive kit includes  NTC tech controller mounts, Egg Rider v2 display, plug and play harness, phase wire extensions, and ASI BAC controller. 

MotoClops proprietary tune allows you to adjust power levels from stock to 20 kw with the Egg Rider display, as long as supporting battery and motor mods are installed as well.  This gives you the ability to change riding modes and levels depending upon conditions.  With the 9 modes of off-road and road selection you essentially can dial in 18 different power levels to maximize your flexibility between range and power. Each power level can be adjusted within the Egg Rider display app. 

Egg Rider display app allows complete adjustment of some of the most crucial settings to your e-bike that you may be looking to adjust. Easily swap between different battery's, regen levels, field weakening, power output, and quickly change from kmph and mph. One of the best features is the ability to save 3 different pre configured battery's,  this gives a great ability to always display accurate battery percentage and range, with a few quick clicks on the display. 

Note: Verify Battery voltage for correct percentage display! This can be quickly changed within the Egg rider app!

Connecting batteries without a discharge side BMS and proper pre-charge circuit  are known for blowing capacitors in the controller per: a technical bulletin. Failure to properly protect the controller as outlined in the technical bulletin WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. Batteries currently known to lack these features include CHI battery. It's the end users responsibility to determine whether the battery being used has these protections.
Pre Charge Resistor Here



  • BAC8000 Controller
    • 60v or 72v (Must Check Box)

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  • BAC Billet NTC Mount for SurRon - Black
  • EggRider V2 Display
  • EggRider Wire Harness for SurRon
  • Motor Phase Wire Extension Cables
  • Shrink Tubing (Not shown in cart)
    • If you remove thease items form your cart you will only receive the controller


  • 6061 Aluminum CNC machined ASI BAC8000 mounting kit
  • ASI BAC8000 controller custom tuned
  • Plug and play harness
  • Egg Rider V2 display and phase wire extension
  • Customizable power levels
  • Ability to change and hot swap batteries
  • Regen and field weakening adjustments
  • Completely Plug and play kit!


Nom. Voltage 36 - 72V Volts
Peak Current 840 A-DC
Auto Tuning Yes
Sensorless Start Adaptive
IP Rating IPx5 (with fully populated connectors)
QC Verification 100% EOL Test under load
Additional Available Protocols TTL 485, Bluetooth, LIN, CAN
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