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Nucular Performance Controller SurRon LB-X

Nucular Performance Controller SurRon LB-X

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Plug & Ride Kit for Sur-Ron Light Bee. Up to 30% more power оn standard 60V battery and up to 300% on 72V battery.

Сonnection to the standard wiring instead of the factory controller. All systems (kickstand, fall sensor, throttle, and key) will work. Headlights, brake light, and turn signals on road versions also will work. You can use "Eco/Sport" switch to set it up two different power modes. But the speedometer on this switch will not work, this function will be performed on our On-board computer.

In the kit:

  • Nucular controller P24F with the latest firmware for Sur-Ron.
  • On-board computer with a mount for fork stem.
  • CAN-wire 120 cm (47.2 inch) for On-board computer.
  • Wiring with connectors for connecting to Sur-Ron.
  • Phase wire extensions with bolts and nuts.
  • Plastic adapter for mounting with bolts.

Attention! The firmware for a standard 60V battery is installed on the controller. If you have a more powerful battery, you need to change its settings in the Controller > Battery section and set other power modes in the Controller > Control Modes menu.

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